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Your Trusted Sanitation Services Company

Rely On Us for Your Waste Management Needs

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Township of Washington - New Service

To efficiently run our business and make it more convenient for residents in town, we have decided to make some changes to our service effective 4/1/21.


Due to a significant increase in bags over the years and the drastic climb it has taken recently we are eliminating the bag program. Our new rates reflect both the service and disposal cost combined. Prior to the billing change, the service portion was billed by Buldo Services and the disposal was included in the exclusive purple bags purchased by residents. Residents no longer have to buy the expensive purple bags to cover the disposal cost of their bill. Although the new Buldo Services rate seems significantly higher, it actually is not because residents will see a significant savings by purchasing regular trash bags at a location of their choice. Also, the new rate now includes twice per week service for everyone's convenience. In comparing rates you will see that using Buldo Services is a much better value. As always we thank you for selecting Buldo Services and appreciate the opportunity to serve Washington Township.

We will take back unopened bags that have already been purchased (please contact the office 201-666-8361).

  • We serve the following municipalities…
    • Township of Teaneck
    • Township of River Vale
    • Township of Washington
  • Household Garbage Collection
  • Bulk Items (Appliances, Furniture, etc.)
  • Dependable Service
  • Serving all of New Jersey
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • All sized Businesses
  • 1-40 yard dumpsters
  • Serving all of New Jersey
  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial
  • 10-40 yard sizes
  • 24-hour delivery
  • Non-Mix Container Recycling
  • Flexible Rental Period

Call (201) 666-8361 or (201) 666-8298
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