Buldo Services: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Possible explanations:

  • Your trash was not placed at the curb the night before.
  • A national holiday prevented pickup due to the closing of the local landfill.
  • Due to inclement weather we were unable to operate our trucks.
  • Your bill is past due and service to your residence has been temporarily suspended.
  • You are a resident of Washington Township and your trash was not in a purple bag.
  • Your trash was not in its usual designated pickup location.

Please call our office (201) 666-8361 when this occurs so we may assist you in resolving the matter.

There are many times that we are able to come back, depending on your location, and if our truck is still in your area. Most likely, a double pick up will be made on the next scheduled pickup. When this occurs, promptly call the office (201) 666-8361 so that we can make every effort to accommodate you.

Items such as construction material, furniture, appliances, rugs, etc, are not considered normal household trash. Therefore, there may be an additional charge for the proper disposal of such items.

Despite the fact that our first concern is the safety of our staff and equipment, every effort is made to provide you with waste removal service during these conditions. However, if a decision is made to not dispatch our trucks, we will post it on our website and add an outgoing message to our office (201) 666-8361 phone line, indicating the same.

It is your responsibility to call the office (201) 666-8361 if you are moving or if there is a change in ownership. Our courteous staff will discuss your account and forwarding address information if required. Failure to notify us of an address change will result in your account remaining active and you will continue to be billed accordingly.

It is important to our community that we all make every effort to protect our environment. Therefore, it is always necessary for us to not mix hazardous waste with our regular household trash.

For hazardous waste, please contact the Bergen County Utilities Authority at (201) 807-5825 for their officially scheduled (household) hazardous waste collection dates.

For medical wastes of any kind, please contact the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure the proper and safe removal of medical waste from your residence.

Possible explanations:

  • Your container was blocked by a car or other item and you will have to call to reschedule pickup after the obstruction has been removed.
  • You have items in your trash container that are not permitted and must be removed before a pickup can be made.
  • Your monthly bill is past due and service has been temporarily suspended.
    Please call our office (201) 666-8361.

A roll-off container is simply another term for a dumpster that rolls off the back of the truck delivering the container. Roll-off containers are designed for household, construction, and demolition cleanups. They range in capacity from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. It is delivered and picked up using a special truck designed to carry it from the fill location to the dumpsite.

A dumpster is located in an area of a business or complex for use of general household and office waste. These dumpsters are emptied on a regular, pre-set schedule serviced by our garbage trucks.

Check with your municipality first if you need to put the container in the street. Many of the rules and guidelines regarding container placement and permits vary by city and neighborhood.

No. If renting a roll-off container for items such as patio bricks, concrete blocks, and asphalt, other debris cannot be mixed in.

No. As long as payment arrangements have been made prior to delivery, and you told us where you want it located, you do not need to be there.

For insurance purposes, our staff is not allowed to enter your home or garage. All bulk pick ups must be at curbside.

Other questions? Feel free to call our office @ (201) 666-8361 or (201) 666-8298.